Granite Countertop 1We have just become CAMBRIA QUARTZ dealers! Come in and take a look at our gorgeous new quartz selections. We are excited to bring a new look and product to the Antelope Valley!

Natural stones such as granite and quartz have been an important part of architecture throughout history.  Both exude a rich, organic, beautiful surface and have a timeless presence in any room.

Re-ignite and modernize your tile and grout countertops.

Create beauty and elegance in your office reception counter.

  • Demonstrate to your visitors your tastes and culture in any room in the house.
  • ‘One Quartz’ quartz countertops are nonporous, reducing the potential for bacteria growth, resist common food stains and are stronger than natural granite.  Virtually maintenance free, and 93% natural quartz stone, providing consistent color and visual movement.  A wide range of color options allow for more design freedom and have a durable, scratch resistant surface. 

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Granite Countertop Samples

Boulevard Flooring Emporium offers a wide range of granite and quartz products to complement any décor, as well as expert installation.