Come in to check out Boulevard Flooring Emporium’s Tile Flooring and make your kitchen or bathroom come alive with the latest modern tile and natural stone.Tiles collection

Tile and natural stone have been around for centuries, and with today’s technology, manufacturers have created new designs and application possibilities that were not available centuries ago.

If you have ever lived with ceramic, porcelain or natural stone before, you know that they are strong, stable and add elegance to any space taking your design to a whole new level.
Tile design at front of store

Come on in to our store and check out all the wonderful designs we present in our floors all around the store to help you decide what’s right for you. 

You will be greeted by warm, attentive store representatives who will assist you in selecting exactly the right tile or tile design for your project.

Properly installed, these floors should outperform and outlast most other types of floor coverings.

And, at Boulevard Flooring Emporium our professional installers will give you expert work in a scheduled timeframe you can work with.  

march coolpics 002 (800x786)At our store, you will be simply amazed at the selection of colors, sizes, shapes and textures that are available in tiles.  Don’t worry though, our designers can help you pick out the right design that fit your style and budget, quickly and affordably. See our display of tile Accent pieces for shower, countertops, and backsplashes!


BFE Tile centerpiece
Our famous tile medallion, in our entrance of the store.

This is intended to show you the incredible possibility of the use of tile in its beautiful, ultimate form!

Black floor with glass tilesBlue Glass Tiles

The ultimate in noveau tile.

Exciting, Retro, and showing  the maximum in elegance for your home or office.

…and just a reminder to the possibilities that tile has for your home or office.

(Way over the top, isn’t it?)

Need a different look, say hardwood? Check out what we offer in hardwoods here.